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Body & Skin
Body & Skin

Body & Skin

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Back pain is one of the most common ailments for which people turn to massage. Which can be caused by injury, stress and poor posture. It can also be for just general relaxation.


Full Body Massage
Complete massage of the whole body relaxes all muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabollic processes, gives your energy level a boost.


Face & Scalp massage
Increases the circulation of blood to the face and scalp. Improves the elasticity making the skin more nourished. Releases tension and stress that can cause headaches.



Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

This treatment incorporates the application of hot & cold stones and provides a deep penetration of heat & pressure which helps stimulate microcirculation and cell function.

Hot Stone Massage

The heat emanated by these warm basalt stones penetrates deeper into the muscle tissue for a more profoundly relaxing effect. The heat loosens up muscle tightened and tensed by stress, thus taking away the pain.

 Full Body - £52.00  

£31.00 - 30mins

Full Body Exfoliation

Full Body Exfoliation

Deep cleansing exfoliates dead skin cells, includes body brushing & massage. An excellent pre and post holiday treatment.

Full Body Exfoliation

Starts with body brushing which helps your lymph system to clean itself of the toxins. Helping smooth the skin and removing cellulite. Moving onto the exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells. Stimulates circulation and increases your skin's absorption of the hydrating body cream. Great for a pre or post holiday treatment or a fullbody rejuvenation.


1hr 15mins - £52
(Includes a full body massage with rich botanical oils)


Back Cleansing Treatment



Fake Bake Tanning

Fake Bake Tanning

For an all over natural looking tan. Fake Bake was founded in oklahoma in 1998. The products are 100% organic and eco friendly.

Include an exfoliation with your spray tan for an extra £7.

Full body - £40.00
Half body - £28.00
Fullbody spray - £25.00
Halfbody spray - £15.00
( Include a full body exfoliation for £8

REVIVE PROFESSIONAL BEAUTYTreatmentsPackagesProductsContact Me