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Body & Skin


Crystal Clear - Microdermabrasion Facials

A stream of microcrystals propelled across the surface of the skin. Using a controlled method of skin resurfacing, by gently exfoliating the outer layers of skin, while increasing new collagen and elastin formation to visibly rejuvenate and firm the skin of the face and neck. Results are visible immediately.

Book a course of 10 Microdermabrasion treatments & receive 10% off

Microdermabrasion Facial

Effective treatment for reducing the early signs of ageing & prompting overrall rejuvenation for aged skin. A gentle but deep skin exfoliation which can treat a wide range of skin problems, suitable for all skin types.


Deluxe Microdermabrasion

With cooling mask which hydrates & firms skin.



Eye Contour Treatment

Smoothes and hydrates the fine, delicate skin around the eyes to create a fresher look.

Firming eye area & reduces the puffiness, dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles.



Crystal Clear - Oxygen Facial

As we age, oxygen levels in the skin cells decrease, resulting in a loss of elasticity. Active ingredients in the serum restructure the skin from the inside out, which reverses the damage caused by free radicals. Stimulating deeper into the skin, helping regenerate collegen and elastin.

Book a course of 6 oxygen treatments & receive 10% off.

Standard Oxygen
Assists in the stimulation of the microcirculation (increasing blood supply), providing nutrients & collagen regeneration. The skin is instantly smooth & fresh, promoting new skin which results in a tauter more rejuvenated skin.


Deluxe Oxygen

With cooling mask that firms & smooths the skin


Combine Microdermabrasion & Oxygen Facial





Dermalogica always uses only the finest ingredents available, and all products are non-comedogenic and do not contain any occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, no irritating artifical colors or fragrance, and no drying alcohol.

Key ingredients in dermalogica include natural essential oils and extracts, naturally purifing and calming agents such as green clays, and balm mint, and exfoliating rice barn, lactic acid, salicylic acid and fruit enzymes.

For an extra £28, include a deep exfoliation treatment into your Dermalogica Facial.

Prescription Facial
Highly relaxing facial deeply cares for your skin. Stimulates blood circulation and revitalize the skin.


Express Facial
Designed for clients who have never had a facial and used dermalogica before. Haven't got a lot of time and just want to freshen up your skin.


Mens Skin Treatment
This treatment takes factors such as shaving into account to help prevent ingrown hairs and other problems. The treatment starts with a deep cleansing,followed by a exfoliation and extractions. To help release tension with a scalp massage while your skin re-hydrates with a customized treatment masque.



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